Climate emergency state: we are all condemned to resist !

Thursday 17 December 2015, by Attac France

The 12th of December 2015 was a historical day : 30 000 citizens from all around the world took to the streets and invaded the major symbols of Paris, from the Avenue de la Grande Armée, between the Arch of Triumph to the Défense District and from the Champ de Mars to the Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower. These are the places we occupied, where we marched, danced and sang to express our anger and our determination... Our anger about the absence of governments political will to take into consideration the profound causes of climate change ... and our determination to continue and amplify our struggle for climate justice!

The Avenue de la Grande Armée starts from the Arch of Triumph and the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Saturday 12th at noon, over 10 000 people pacifically occupied this military route to pay respect to all the victims, past, present and future, of climate change. Not far from there, the Défense district, where one can find the most of the multinational companies, responsible for the major climate crimes. We denounced them by deploying, all the way down the avenue, our “Red Lines” to symbolize those ignored in the treaty, signed that same day, at the COP 21 meeting in Le Bourget.

Thousands of people then organized a spontaneous and festive march towards Trocadéro and then gathered at the Eiffel Tower. On the Champ de Mars, immense human chains were deployed where we moved towards the “Wall of Peace” and where the “State of Climate Emergency” was then proclaimed. At the same time, the Paris Climate Agreement was materializing a future planet warm-up of three degrees or more.

It is clear; the Paris Climate Agreement is totally insufficient! The governments have violated the “Red Lines” that can guarantee a decent future for our planet. National interests and financial lobbies remain those who are to blame. The greed of the multinational companies, the fossil energies and the eternal obsession for economic growth continues to represent a taboo that can not be negotiated.

Attac France reaction of Paris Climate Agreement


Attac is among those who initiated the idea of organizing human chains... Thousands of people got together on the 29th of November throughout France... Even though a State of Emergency had been declared and demonstrations had been forbidden.

We refused to “give in” and, in doing so, we actively participated in the occupation of major Parisian “symbols” on the 12th of December. It is certainly not the Paris Climate Agreements that will guarantee a decent future for our planet... but our common capability to denounce lobbies, financial powers and banks, our actions against the construction of the future airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes or our protests against what is commonly known as the “useless and imposed projects”... We also continue to fight against the TTIP-CETA as well as all the actual so called “Free-trade” agreements"... We remain determined to declare our opposition to all climate crimes, especially the exploitation of fossil fuels...

Our goal is now to imagine and promote all alternatives that represent a true response to the challenges of our time.

Paris 2015 is only a step... a step that can guide us towards the other possible worlds we dream of.

Find here : pictures, movies and the press release of Attac mobilization before and during the COP 21

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