Total’s Annual General Meeting will not take place !

mercredi 26 avril 2023, par Collectif

On Friday, May 26, Total will once again celebrate its record profits with champagne and petits fours, meanwhile 2023 is already shaping up to be one of the hottest years ever recorded on Earth.

This is a warning : Total’s Annual General Meeting will not / must not take place.

In the midst of the energy crisis, in the midst of the mobilization against the pension reform, in the midst of the democratic crisis, this General Assembly plans to perpetuate the strategy of the oil company : always more fossil projects and an unfair distribution of the super-profits which feeds the climatic and social injustice.

As the biggest polluter in France, Total embodies the worst of the exploitation of the planet and its people. Total is superprofits boosted by inflation and the war in Ukraine : 36 billion euros in profits. That’s 9.4 billion euros directly into the pockets of shareholders, while 12 million French people struggle daily to heat themselves, fill up with gasoline or feed themselves.
It is the salary of its CEO, Patrick Pouyanné, which increases indecently while employees are refused to align their wages with inflation. It is polluting projects that destroy the environment and the livelihoods of many communities around the world, and violate their human rights.

Total’s managers have known it for 50 years : the company’s activities are pushing us ever closer to chaos.

Each new oil and gas project is another blow to the preservation of our living conditions on Earth. In Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, the United States, Argentina, Algeria, Qatar, Nigeria... the insatiable hurricane Total is destroying everything in its path.

How many times do scientists need to be reminded of this ?No more new fossil fuel exploitation projects must see the light of day to preserve our living conditions on the planet.

This Annual General Meeting will bring together Total’s shareholders. Among them, its financiers and investors, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole or Amundi, and those who ensure their climate change projects, such as Marsh Mclennan in the United States, are also responsible. Without their complicity, Total would not be able to continue its deadly activities.

Emmanuel Macron is also complicit.

Despite fine speeches about getting out of fossil fuels that fool no one, the French government’s connivance with the French giant’s climate-damaging activities is blatant : the president supports the expansion of fossil fuels in the shadows, as he did with the EACOP pipeline and the Le Havre LNG tanker.

While the government and the authorities still refuse to act to hold the multinational accountable for its abuses, while the state chooses, as it did in Sainte Soline, to defend the interests of the powerful rather than the general interest by all means, even the most violent, we are taking the lead. Until Total puts an end to these deadly activities, we will be there. All over France, we are calling for a wave of actions against Total and its accomplices.

We will not let the fossil fuel industry and its supporters steal our lives and the future of humanity.


Signatories :
Alternatiba Paris
Amis de la Terre France
Attac France
Greenpeace France
Scientifiques en Rebellion
XR France

Supports :

Adelaïde Charlier, climate activist
Alain Deneault, researcher and philosoph, Total’s specialist
Benoit Teste, general secretary FSU
Bertrand Caltagirone, Head of Partnership Dernière Rénovation
Camille Chaudron, Girl go green
Camille Etienne, Climate activist
Claire James, campaign coordinator Campaign against Climate Change
Claire Levy, oceanograph
Cyril Dion, filmmaker
Didier Aksanti, Coordinator Save my World
Didier Swingedouw, researcher
Dorothy Guerrero, Global Justice Now
Elisabeth Michel, climate researcher
Emmanuel Poilâne, tresory CRID
Fabien Abdul, researcher
Fatima Benomar, Co-president Coudes à coudes
Fatima Ouassak, spokesperson Front de mères
Fiona Dyer, researcher
Gaetan Gabriele
Gilliane Le Gallic, Président Alofa Tvalu
Gwenn Thomas-Alves, national delegate FIDL
Hugo Prevost, spokesperson L’Union étudiante
Jade Verda
Jean-Baptiste Sallee, oceanograph
Jean-Joinville Vacher, Emeritus Doctor IRD
Jérôme Santolini, research director
Johan Reboul, le Jeune engagé
Josyane Ronchail, climate researcher
Julia Steinberger, researcher
Kim Vo Dinh, Co-president Combat Monsanto
Latifa Oulkhouir, Executive Director France
Léa Falco, Pour un Réveil Ecologique
Lucie Lucas, Actress
Magali Payen, Fondator On est Prêt
Margot Bador, researcher
Maria Carolina, Human Conet
Marie Chureau
Marie-Claire Pierret, researcher
Marie-Monique Robin, filmmaker
Martin Kopp, spokesperson France Greenfaith
Mathilde Imer, initiator of the Convention Citoyenne Climat
Maxime Combes, économist
MC danse pour le climat
Mélanie Sancery, Mélanie en véganie
Mohammed Usman, Campaigner Bank on our Future
Morgan Sunny, director Debt for climate South of Africa
Nabil Berbour, Campaign manager Eko
Nanna Clifforth, CoordinatorNOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark
Noelie Audi-Dor, Gastivists collective
Océane Foix, member of Scientific Rebellion
Olivier Aumont, oceanographic researcher
Pablo Flye, Friday for Future France
Pascoe Sabido, researcher and campaigner à Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)
Pauline Tetillon, Coordinator Survie
Radek Kubala, Campagner Re-set : platform for socio-ecological transformation
Rebecca Wynn, Mothers Rise Up
Roland Séférian, researcher at CNRM
Sebastian Gonzato, Coordinator Scientist Rebellion Belgium
Serge Janicot, researcher
Serge Morand, researcher
Stacy Algrain
Suzanne Bennett, Tresory Transition Crich
Swan Perissé, actress
Thibaut Baronian, Athlete
Tom Kurchaz, Spokesperson Ecologistas en Acción
Tulipe, Youth for Climate France
Ulysse Vassas, Le Bruit Qui Court
Vincent Echevin, researcher
Youth for Climate IDF

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